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张立鹏 Zhang Lipeng Vs Yul Kim MMA Fight Highlight Kunlun Fight 47

Zhang LiPeng is China’s No.1 ‪MMA‬ fighter. Winning ‪TUF‬ China ‪and ‎UFC‬ veteran who then chose to sign to Kunlun Fight Asia’s biggest ‪‎Kickboxing‬ promotion also moving into MMA.
Zhang LiPeng has joined forces with ‪Phuket Top Team‬ MMA gym in Phuket to improve his MMA skills. Training here in ‪Phuket‬ ‪Thailand.‬
now 18-9 riding a 9 fight win streak, we are excited for his future!
Proud to have China’s best at PTT & always great seeing the PTT logo displayed on the Kunlun canvas!

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