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The Facilities

Stage 1 is complete, with stage 2 (2nd ring and Strength & Conditioning area being 85% done then stage 3 and 4 to come(MMA Cage, Weights/cardio and sauna centre with drop pool/spa) and more rooms on site

Facilities now include 2nd 7x7m ring new Strength & Conditioning area and more stocked/upgraded shop – Alot more upgrades still to come !

Phuket Top Team MMA Training Camp, Thailand Key features:

  • Huge outdoor Muay Thai/ Boxing and Strength & Conditioning area

  • TWO full 7m X 7m Fairtex muay thai rings

  • 11 hanging bags (4ft bags, 6ft bananna bags, HUGE 7ft pole bags, bowling bags and more)

  • Fully setup up Strength & Conditioning area – tractor tyres, sledgehammers, battle ropes, rope climbing, accelerator cables, gymnastic rings, kettlebells,  TRX and much more

  • Indoor MMA training area 300+ square metres ( 2 x Air/C )

  • Full competition ready MMA cage – 7.2 m in diameter ! in a seperate MMA cage room attached to the main MMA Area

  • Indoor MMA is full matted with wrestling mats, including 2 metres of mats up the walls

  • 8 Budget on-site rooms

  • 6 showers, 6 toilets

  • RELAX room with sofa, tv, ps2 & DVD’s.

  • Exclusive Fairtex Shop Phuket Outlet – for evrerything Fairtex.

  • Plyometrics training area

Facilities will be constantly upgraded and maintained. Stage 1 complete, stage 2 and 3 due in 2011 and 2012.

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