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Phuket Top Team’s Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington adds another scalp to the Highlight Reel

The re-match from a fight that happened 3 months earlier.
Cyrus lost a split decision in which many believe should have gone his way, when the re-match came around Cyrus made sure there was no guessing who won this one. Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington trains full time at Phuket Top Team MMA training camp in Thailand.

Phuket Dreaming Season 2 – Episode 7: “Bangkok”

In the seventh episode of Phuket Dreaming we follow teenage Muay Thai fighters Wayunoii & Phet Dum. Competing as top ranked Rajadamnern Muay Thai fighters. We also check out K-1 sensation Marat Grigorian as he trains at Phuket Top Team MMA training camp in Phuket ahead of the 70kg K-1 Grand Prix tournament.

PTT’s Fred Harrington moves to 7-0 after a dominating performance

PhuketTopTeam’s MMA fighter Fred Harrington moves to 7-0 after a dominating performance GNP TKO Rnd 1 Vs Steve Maxwell Minotaur MMA Melbourne.
Landing some vicious knees&elbows showcasing a strong Muay Thai game.
This win was 1 of 6 big pro MMA wins for P.T.T. In the stretch of 7 days.

Very worth of a mention, Fred suffered an injury 1 year ago, doctors told him he could not return to full training & certainly not fight again (ever). But Fred trained hard at MMA training camp in Thailand and proved to everyone that only he knows what he really can.


Strength & Conditioning program at PTT

Strength & Conditioning program at Phuket Top Team MMA training camp in Phuket is not run daily, as we are all about developing better martial artists, the week of training is packed full of combat and Martial Arts classes, so the Strength & Conditioning we run 2 X’s a week, perfectly compliments the amount of training needed to enhance your body to better compete & train in the combat sports.

Monday 3/4pm Kettlebell Conditioning

Kettlebells are a great way to work the perfect combination of strength & conditioning.
Each exercise is compound / meaning it involves the multiple parts of the body in each movement.

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Wednesday 3/4pm Cardio Conditioning

Cardio Conditioning involves pushing our Lactic Threshold & increasing V02 Max output.
Exercises include battleropes, burpees, boxjumps, sprints, TRX, lunges, SlushPipes, SandBags, TyreFlips, TyreHammers, SquatJumps, GymnasticRings & much more.

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Highlights from ProFC 10 in Taipei

ProFC 10 in Taipei was a huge night for Phuket Top Team MMA training camp in Thailand.
PTT’s Moise Rimbon, Luke Jumeau & Gokhan Turkyilmaz get big wins.
Check out the highlights!

Fred Harrington returns to action for Phuket Top Team

There is often a story behind each fight.. and this fight is a great example of that.
Fred is a professional MMA fighter who has been out of competing for over 1 year.
Fred suffered a serious spinal injury that had doctors telling him he would struggle to exercise and certainly not be able to return to combat sports.
Slowly and patiently working his body back to health, strengthening as needed and using a positive mind set. Fred proves that it is possible to do what others say cannot be done. Now he continues to train MMA in Phuket.

Next fight for PTT’s fighter JJ AMBROSE is coming up soon

Phuket Top Team pro MMA fighter JJ AMBROSE takes on Japanese Lightweight Kazuki Tukudome. JJ is in good shape after a hard work at MMA training camp in Phuket and looking to take his record to 22-5 on May 31st in Tokyo, Japan.