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Strength & Conditioning with Coach Anna Ponomarenko

Phuket Top Team focuses on the martial arts to develop character, discipline, fitness, strength, confidence & for some… the ability to compete & earn as a professional combat sports athlete.

2 X’s a week we have a our Phuket Strength & Conditioning class, now run by a very dedicated, highly qualified & motivated Coach Anna. These classes are designed to benefit & work in cohesion with your martial arts training.



Phuket MMA fighter – Chris Fishgold

10&0 Chris Fishgold joins the Phuket Top Team fighter roster.

Chris has fought at lightweight and featherweight so far in his career. But he looks to drop to bantamweight in 2015 and do even bigger things.

Expect big news from this fighter this year.

Rajadamnern 60th Anniversary – big win for PTT fighter

PTT fighter

Big Congratulations to Phuket Top Team’s Phetch Dum (Ptt)
Last night Phet Dum fought in the massive Rajadamnern 60th Anniversary (birthday) of the stadium.
Facing Yod Siam in a highly anticipated Re-Match.

Phet Dum trains Muay Thai in Phuket. Thanks to Kru nampon Phuket Top Team & his brother Waiyunoi for helping Phetch Dum be 100% ready for this fight.

PTT fighter

Phuket Top Team Mission Statement

To break it down quick and easy…. our motto is
No Egos Only Dedication” and we stand by this.

The gym, the trainers and the atmosphere we are building is of a gym with world class facilities – however we are keeping this place contained.

Limited Class sizes and monthly students, team atmosphere and importantly we are Dedicated to never becoming over commercialised or seeking students who are not 100% dedicated in learning/growing and improving themselves in their chosen dicipline.

Come willing, come prepared and leave satisfied. We are building a team and hope you join up.

Thailand is now absorbing MMA and we are working on being a Huge part of that